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Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Ex-IGP accuses Hisham of meddling with PDRM

Musa was obedient hoping his contract would be extended. When his contract was not extended he became a sour grape. Contrary to his claim as being the best IGP he mess up the police force by sidelining those who were vocal and not his yes men. To fix up those whom he deemed could jeopardize his collaboration with the underworld dirty means were used to the extend of securing the assistance of his associates in other agencies particularly the AG and MACC. So Musa it's better you shut up.


Ex-IGP Musa withdraws suit against Anwar

The information said that Ex-IGP received not less than 50m from PR to withdraws suit againts ANWAR and offer to become MP PR for next GE13 but how about Dato Ramly, sure crash.