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Monday, 16 July 2012

Crime is rising, police are corrupt & inefficient: NOW, WHO'S TO BLAME?

    This linked article is the nonsense talk about PDRM. What the hell this writer is talking about. I do not think that the blame has to put to the PDRM all the time. There are certain people who are not satisfied with their fate, and live, They only love to blame others. The attitude comes from Syaitan. There are no feel " Bersyukur dengan apa yang ada".

      Nowadays, we can see and feel that Malaysian live in very peaceful and harmony in multiple religions and races. Is there any others countries that we can compare to? If there are, then we compare the crime rates of them. Luckily, Malaysia is in a safe environment among of them. Why ??? There are so much reasons why we stay live in peaceful. One of the reasons is the PDRM do better works to combat criminals. In most of the cases, especially the interested cases, PDRM very fast and success to solve the case. Criminals get caught in very few times, and goes for judgement. So, why we are so blaming the PDRM everytime, everyplace. We can ask ourselves. Is it because we are so angry to the traffic's Police who gave us a traffic summons. Because for these eager, we are not satisfied and try to kick Police ball when we can ? These attitude are so shame in nowadays.

     The police are very close to the public. When there are case like robbery and snatch theft, the police need public to become witness in the case. Nowadays, there are seldom people brave to come forward to become witness. The bad reasons are they do not want their time to corporate with police and courts, they have their routine works to do. Most people become more selfish than before. When the police come to the witness, they try to hide and do not want to involve. So, how can the police want to proceed the case to courts ?. When the index crime goes high they put the blame to the police.

       We need to change our perception to the police. Public have to become friends to the police. Not to avoid from them which happened the most now. We are still live in a peaceful and harmony country. Please strength it now and more in the future. God Bless Malaysians !!!

Friday, 6 July 2012


  1. JULIAN ASSANGE (FOUNDER WIKILEAKS) - he channeled his hacking habit into a crusade revealing classified documents on government corruption-and even Saraho Palin's emails
  2. WAEL GHONIM (INTERNET ACTIVIST) - the ex google marketing chief in the Middle East launched the Facebook page heard round the world. In 2010,it jumpstarted the Tahrir Square demonstration, which led to President Mubarak's outster. 
  3. JAKE DAVIS (Hacktivist) - The scottish teen collaborated with Anonymous to reveal corruption and racism among Arizona cops. He was arrested in 2011 on suspicious of hacking News Corp. and Sonycomputers.
  4. CHOAS COMPUTER CLUB (HACKER COLLECTIVE)- The group promotes digital privacy and free speech and cracked the source code for a virus used by German government to spy on citizens