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Friday, 6 July 2012


  1. JULIAN ASSANGE (FOUNDER WIKILEAKS) - he channeled his hacking habit into a crusade revealing classified documents on government corruption-and even Saraho Palin's emails
  2. WAEL GHONIM (INTERNET ACTIVIST) - the ex google marketing chief in the Middle East launched the Facebook page heard round the world. In 2010,it jumpstarted the Tahrir Square demonstration, which led to President Mubarak's outster. 
  3. JAKE DAVIS (Hacktivist) - The scottish teen collaborated with Anonymous to reveal corruption and racism among Arizona cops. He was arrested in 2011 on suspicious of hacking News Corp. and Sonycomputers.
  4. CHOAS COMPUTER CLUB (HACKER COLLECTIVE)- The group promotes digital privacy and free speech and cracked the source code for a virus used by German government to spy on citizens

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